Kids Story Room Ep 50 Call of the Blobfish

Call of the Blobfish

By Anna Steen

Deep down in the magical world beneath the waves, the wise and ancient Blobfish needs help. Blobfish engages a jumbly bunch of sea creatures who all must overcome their fears and contribute to their united quest for the Blobfish and save their ocean home.

Call of the Blobfish tells a wondrous and magical underwater adventure story performed by professional actors. Here is our cast...

Prawn/Dolphin Lizzy Falkland
Blobfish/Swordfish/Tom Christopher Pitman
Narrator/Tuna/Sam Anna Steen
Leafy-Sea Dragon Heather Steen


This podcast aims to ignite the curious scientist in children by engaging them in a story of oceans and marine life, and of their importance to human existence.

This project has been supported by a National Science Week SA Community Grant. 

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